Andovokonko Bay, Antsiranana, Madagascar     Reservations: +35799491013


To better understand how to get to this isolated place, we have simplified things for you. First, you have to go to the northern part of Madagascar by plane either by Diégo-Suarez Airport or Nosy Be Airport, then there is a transfer by car to Mantasaly Madagascar-Resort.

The nearest international airport is called Diego Suarez Arachart-Airport. Diego Suarez or Antsiranana is the largest city in the northern part of Madagascar. It is the capital of the Diana Region, which has most of the Natural Wonders of Madagascar.

The second International Airport is Fascène-Airport, located 500km in Nosy Be, an island that is on the northwest coast of Madagascar. Nosy Be is the largest and most dynamic of the Madagascar Tourist Centers.


First you have to arrive on the island of Madagascar. 

You have the choice between these different airlines to come to Madagascar:

Suggestions of sites to visit for flights on Madagascar:

Transfer from Airport to Mantasaly

A votre arrivée au Nord de Madagascar, le moyen d’accès le plus rapide est le transfert par voiture à partir de l’Aéroport de Diego Suarez, mais si vous préférez prendre le temps d’explorer Madagascar avec sa nature et sa faune, vous avez le choix du trajet  Bus/Jeep qui part de Nosy Be-Aérport.

  • Diego Suarez-Aéroport –> Mantasaly Madagascar Resort
    • Transfert en JEEP, affrété par notre Hôtel (25 min)
    • Transfert en Taxi (40 min)
  • Nosy Be-Aéroport –> Mantasaly Madagascar Resort
    • Transfert en Bus (5 heures)

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