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Madagascar country has many to offer! Maybe you are interested in trying some other adventures.
We provide you with the list of Things to do in Madagascar and Places to visit in Madagascar:

Things to do in MADAGASCAR

You have plenty of things to do in Madagascar.

The geography allowed people to create various activities in the nature. Either seeking adventurous pursuit or sightseeing venture, there will be a great pleasure. Look forward to it and enjoy the time.

We wrote for you things to do in Madagascar in which you may engage, the Concierge Office can make your booking.

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Places to visit in MADAGASCAR

You have plenty of places to visit in Madagascar!

Diana Region is one of the most spectacular in whole Madagascar country. In the north it borders with the Indian Ocean and Mozambique Straight and in the south it borders with the regions of Sava (to the southeast of Mantasaly Madagascar Resort) and Sofia (to the southwest of Mantasaly Madagascar Resort). The area of almost 20.000 km2 holds many of the most unique sights of Madagascar nature and Madagascar wildlife. There are several Madagascar attractions in the area.

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